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Declutter and Organize My Life (read all 13 entries…)
Time flies

It’s hard to believe that my last entry on this goal was written 5 months ago. I guess I’ve been working on decluttering, but it looks like I haven’t worked on some of the mini goals. I’ll add those back on the list and set some new deadlines. Maybe, it would help if I added them to my 43things list. Well, since my list is full, I should work on decluttering that list as well. :)

1. file new bills / paperwork tomorrow -DONE
2. clean up all old work info by nov 15th (organize or throw away)
3. Put any memoirs in storage containers in the garage by the end of Nov.
4. Put away or donate spring/summer clothes within 2 wks.
5. Clean out files on old computer and sell by Nov 30th.
6. Add phone numbers to new phone – Done
7. Organize printed pictures by Nov 30th.
8. Organize digital pictures by Nov 30th.
9. Recharge camera tomorrow – Done
10. Go through 1 box of miscellaneous stuff by the end of the weekend. – Done


I am trying to find small areas that I can “conquer” and try to keep them maintained. Right now I have decided on my nightstand and dresser top. I had 4 months of receipts on my dresser and 7 months of magazines/catalogs on my night stand. I have kept them clear for over a week now. Now there is a table in my workshop that is calling to me.

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