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morning glory is busy learning a thing or two about life

I want to be a simple and honest person
To be a simple and honest person

This is true and my heartiest wish to be simple and honest person.Remaining honest means curtail your wild needs,it is useless to join a blind race towards every achievable and unachievable goals .It is easy to succumb towards any kind of temptations, but finally what do we achieve? Restlessness, a desire to possess more.That is endless road. Simple living and High thinking should be the way to live our life.


There appears to be some relation between simplicity and honesty.But i know many people who are not simple but are honest.It appears that simplicity is a complex subject.Who is simple? the one who falls a prey to temptations , or the one who resists temptations and tries to build defences against these.?

God's Dragon Living life one day at a time...

Nice conversation here. well those seem to be quesetions I dab into on and off. Perhaps I have too many questions and not a heck of a lot of answers. Seems to me when we are young and unadulterated by the bs of being a grown up, those qualities used to flow nice. More difficult at the wiser and more ‘sofisticated’ grown up level, I think…Still doable perhaps with the right understanding and the right frame of mind and heart…

To large extent it is true but simple persons do not always need to be honest. Like chidren getting tempted on petty things. Normally simple persons would be transparent. They would not hide their feelings. Whatever comes to mind it would reflect some how in gesturers even if not spoken. The best examples are children or some times village people who are not exposed to so called civilised society.

After crossing the stage of childhood, it is herculean task to be simple person in all respects.

Des is still alive but has no joy to share

I like this goal!

I greatly admire simplicity and honesty.

morning glory is busy learning a thing or two about life

Yes Des

I think that is the essense of our life.

milkbox 2.0! is even happier still :D


I’d cheer this goal if I had cheers left. :) There’s always a quiet elegance to being simple, and a lot of dignity in being honest.

Not sure if I’m making much sense there, but I think (and I hope!) that you get what I mean.

morning glory is busy learning a thing or two about life

Hey milkbox

Its a difficult task,I know, coz people get tempted towards too many things,specially when the values of society have changed so much. People seek pleasure in having materialistic possessions. More they get, more their desires left unsatisfied.No end.I have selected this goal to remain contended whatever little I have now. I think I have no grudges against my life. :-)

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