Akumi won't give up~

have better posture

My mom has been complaining about this for as long as I’ve been able to walk, probably. I know it doesn’t look best, I don’t completely slouch down, but I wish for better posture. Not only does bad posture not look elegant at all (no-no for lolita fashion), it just plain looks bad. Also, lately I feel like my back hurts a lot from this.

I’m gonna try my best to sit properly on chairs and stuff… let’s see how it goes.


get a trainer

hi, may i suggest to take up a class, pilates would be very good, especially when you start getting pain from having bad posture. good luck bettering it! :)

Akumi won't give up~

oh, hadn't thought about that

Well, I’ll look into that. Though, i don’t think I can actually get a trainer at the moment. I’m going to be starting cello classes, which will be every week day 4 to 5, I take French 3-4 two days a week, and well… my weekends are for relaxing and practicing >.<

Well, thanks ^^

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