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become a mermaid (read all 2224 entries…)

hey ppls im back! email emma.h14@gmail.com plz! For: working spells to become fairys, birds, mermeids, werewolves, and other animals. Links to awesome sites, People becoming/are mermaids and birds, realwishes and much more!

Sory sounded like advertisement person lol


TheVeronicasFan4Ever is trying to find spells to become a mermaid


Ummm…... have u found the spell yet? Not trying to be rude/bossy or anything it’s just i REALLY want to be a mermaid!

uh ya...

email its easier ppl on here have issues so me and my bff quit. emma.h14!gmail.com or emma-h14@hotmail.com i use gmail more tho

emma.h14@gmail.com or emma-h14@hotmail.com


愛希望Aquamarine Merprincess真相信仰 has gotten 1 cheer on this entry.


I want to:
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