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knottylady Bwwaaaahaaahaa

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SecondAvenue inspired me with her post how stale a relationship can be after some time. What happened to the wooing stage? What happened to the “rush” and the exhilaration that comes with every call and touch? When did I stop spending hours in front of a mirror before letting him even take a glimpse of me?

HB is so sweet. He loved me when I was overweight and he still loves me now. I love how his eyes widen when I wear certain clothes today just as they did when I had a hideous muffin top. When a man loves you no matter what shape you are (even naked!), you know you’ve got a gem.

Because I lost so much weight, I’ve worn nothing but baggy clothes, and I think HB is a little tired of it. I’m perfectly comfortable in a t-shirt and jeans and a hat, but I can tell from his eyes that he’d like me to wear clothes more to my new size (“What’s the point of getting a great body when you hide it all the time?” lol). He hasn’t made too many comments but I can tell it bothers him that these days the only shot he gets from me dressing cute is to go out on a date – and whaddaya know! We have TWO dates planned this week: today and tomorrow.

I love HB and appreciate the effort he makes to keep our relationship fresh by taking me on dates and it’s only fair that I make the effort to do it by accepting his generosity and buying new clothes that actually fit me.

So I’m hanging up the sweats tonight… A short shirt or fitted dress I go!


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