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file a class action lawsuit against ebay and paypal
Ebay DSR's are a scam

Feedback goes up and up and up, all in the green and suddenly BANG, Ebay says I can’t sell anymore. no negative feedback, no complaints, just their money grubbing rules.


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eBay indeed scamming sellers

We would like to get in touch with as many eBay sellers as possible. We will create a list as big as there are sellers contacting us. We are putting together a detailed report in regards to eBay’s unfair and unethical business practices. Please email:

Again if anyone has any information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at our email address, ebayisfraud@Safe-mail.net. We welcome eBay staff members, you’re privacy is always our top concern.

dsr suspension... 100 positive feedback

I would like to join and support any and all groups to stop ebay from these unfair actions, I had 100% positive feedback, good compliance, current account status.. and they stopped me cold from selling… I have heard of many people in the same situation..
Is there already a class action suit or do we need to start one?
This company has devastated thousands of people who make their living selling online and without notice change the process. If they are using a 4 star system then it should be manditory that each feedback require it to be rated.
I called and emailed for almost 3 weeks now.. they have yet to respond.. I was told repeatedly that I would have a response in 24-48 hours. My email address is anythingmazda@aol.com if anyone has information or questions.
Mike (Deerfield Beach)

set up interview

Contact lly@ulv.edu right away to share your story with a tv/print interview.

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(This comment was deleted.)

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