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Ru ~ dig deeper Chasing rabbits, falling down holes

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Finding an old card

Coffee stained, probably 10 years old. It made me feel an odd mix of emotions ~ nostalgic, sad, and strangely inspired. I wish I could just pick up the phone.

I’m afraid I haven’t made it very far with the tangible things I need to do as far as this goes. The garage is still full of boxes. There’s actually still a message on my machine.

I should try to face the sorting again. It’s hard though, and so easy to keep putting off. An out of sight out of mind white elephant hiding quietly in storage. Waiting.

When a spot clears on my plate, I’ll pull one box inside.


catheath has had enough of all the doubt

You sound like you a making amazing progress through this strange forest of grief. Keep walking, the light is there…

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(This comment was deleted.)

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