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Donderjaeger 2014 the year of chores :)

downsize my possessions (read all 2 entries…)
Everytime I move

Every time a wife kicks me out…no, I mean every time I move! LOL I get rid of some stuff. I have to go make a trip to pick up the stuff in my storage unit ASAP, but…

Most of what I still own is tools and other resources. Toss in electronics, books, music, and clothes, and that’s the bulk of the rest.

I recently thought I should get rid of everything I don’t need in order to serve God. That would probably get rid of a good chunk of my technology books.

I’m looking at selling off a chunk of the LP portion of my music collection, though I don’t think I could get half of their value at the small local music store that sells vinyl. I also have some comics that I will try to trade for back issues of the two titles I still like to read, all these years later. I have years to catch up on! LOL Guess what they are?

Incidentally, I can store almost everything I own in a 5×10 storage unit. So I’m not doing bad for a recovered packrat! LOL If I stopped working with my hands and sold all my tools, I would be down to half of my stuff. If I gave up on ever working in technology again, I could probably get rid of another 10%.

The question is, does God have a use for my knowledge or my hands, or does He want me to work with people?


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