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Quit Smoking
Day 1

I decided to quit last night. This is probably my fourth real attempt to quit. I never knew that it could be so hard. I have a highly addictive personality though. I threw my almost full pack and my lighters away last night, which was probably a bad move, because now it is just wasting money. As I said, I have done this a few times before. I want to quit by choice and be able to be around cigarettes and smoking, without giving in to the pressure. I have already had one this morning, one of my friends gave me one. But I asked for it, it was not offered. I am really hoping that this will get easier.


Deskdude I want to start over, but not lose all my stuff. lol

Good for you!!

It’s VERY tough! Have you tried nicotine patches? I find them extremely helpful. The patches take away the physical withdrawal symptoms (by continuing to supply you with nicotine) so that all you have to worry about are the mental/emotional aspects: associations, habits, etc.

Anyway, I think you have to quit by choice. I have been totally unable to do it for other people.

Best of luck!

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