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naughtyminx78 is back to being me :)

find out who i am (read all 16 entries…)

Wrote a long entry and bloody lost it. Hmph.

General gist – my baby already knows who she is. I was a baby and knew who I was. I need to go back to basics.

Long and short of it – therapy generally productive.


Hmmm ...

“You are who you know yourself to be.”
Although perhaps untrue, it is practically true. The trick to changing is to know yourself to be different than you know yourself to be now (much more difficult than it seems).

Over the three or four years I have gone from somebody “who’s not very good with names,” to “somebody who is learning to be good with names” to “somebody who makes it a point to practice being good with names.” Eventually, I hope to have the virtue of being good with names … it will be automatic.

Your baby knows who she is. She knows who you are, too. Enjoy learning from her.

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