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kmom2468 is trying to Be The Blessing!

clean my room (read all 30 entries…)
It's better than nothing
  • washed all my dirty laundry
  • filled a trash bag with trash
  • cleared a path in front of my bed
  • organized magazines (the never ending task)
  • hung up some clean laundry


whoa, i can totally relate about the magazine hoarding and the path of clothing. Kudos for doing so much though! my place still looks like a bomblast but im still plugging away!


kmom2468 is trying to Be The Blessing!

thanks for the encouragment

You’d think after 4 decades or so, I would have figured out the whole “keep my room clean” thing, but alas, not. I was a born pack rat. But, at least there is progress! Good luck to you with your own little collections of magazines and “stuff!”

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