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learn to play the berimbau (read all 2 entries…)
no excuses

I’m know the proud owner of a berimbau so now I just need to practice. Practiced for about an hour on sunday, so that’s a start.

Current Problems
1. Changing from the Tch Tch sound to the Ding and vice versa.
2. Balancing the berimbau when noving the cabaca away from my body

I’ll get there


(This comment was deleted.)

a man named Lew space is the place!

What is a berimbau?

A musical instrument

normally associated with capoeira

a man named Lew space is the place!

So is it used a lot in other Brazilian music. Does it make really nice sounds?

There’s an instrument I keep hearing on my Brazilian music CDs, I wonder if this is it.

Yeah it’s used in other brazilian music and I love the sound of it. It only really has three sounds which we in my group normally refer to as Tch, Ding and Dong. In the hands of an expert though it has many subtle variations.

Not sure if it’s the sound in your records though and I can’t off the top of my head thing of a good, well known example.

(This comment was deleted.)

might well be

I know Max Cavalera plays berimbau

Is it really you? - Melissa is Wonder Woman

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