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go to uni

I can not wait to go to uni.
I’m resitting my A2s this year because I went away too much last year.
I found out yesterday that I could have done the course I wanted where I wanted with the grades I already have so i’m gutted.
BUT this year I have learned a lot about myself and I think i’ll do much better for it.
My boyfriend is going to London (where I want to go) aswell but not to the same place but i’m not going to spend all of my energy on him because I know people grow apart when they get older and stuff so people who don’t want to leave anyone behind just go for it!
I know people who are at opposite ends of the country but still make it work, if you love each other you’ll be fine.


dont let anybody stand in the way of your dream
dont be a “should have done this” like me.GO GO

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