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win the pch $10 million sweepstakes
I would love to win 10 million dollars

I would do so many good things this holiday for people who or struggling an give to lots of charitys an also help my family who or struggling more then me an i try my best to help them the best way i can , also i would use some of that money to go to school an get my ged so i can go into a medical career or message therapist also i would help fix my parents current house or get a new one an also take care of most of my parents bills an some of there debts , i would also help the rest of my relatives which or proberly struggling more then me in my parents an also secretly give some money for my older sister kids my neice an two nephews so they can have funds for there college of there choice when they graduate that what i would do if i won all that money an hope it will be a blessing to me or someone else who needs it more then i do goodluck to all the people who entered an keep your head up you never know :)


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I want to:
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