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Start A Homeless Shelter

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start a homeless shelter.
Starting a Shelter for Abused Women

Hi everyone. I’m currently working as a social worker for abused children. I went back to school to get both Master in Business and Social work to pursue my dream of starting my own nonprofit organization. I started my own small private business but will soon be aplying for a nonprofit business. The first thing you need to do is to go to a lawyer and told them your intention of starting a nonprofit organization. If you established your business then you have to find a good grant writer so you can get the goverment or rich people to fund your vision. You also need to make sure to create a business plan that will attract the government to fund your organization. If your grant is approved then you can start searching for the right place to put your shelter.


hello my name is danny allen jr. all my life i have always did what was asked of me and more I am 24yrs of age i have started a transportation business i also do assisting living but my dream is a homeless shelter but dont know the rounte to take i have started to put my business plan togarther so if you have any suggesting it will help a lot thanks alot hope u well:)

i am from md
e-mail uhhweecare@yahoo.com
p.o box 19282
balto md 21213

Let's start a shelter

I am an architectural engineering student at Missouri S&T. My friend and unborn child was killed by her abusive girfriend. My dream is to build a shelter for women and children and have gone through the first steps of starting a not for profit organization, unfortunately I went about it all wrong….I have to have help and support to get things done. I started a website…
Please visit it and contact me if you are interested in jumping on board. I need help. Thanks,

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