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whahappen Can't wait for Spring, Summer & Fall :) Boo for Winter.

stay young forever (read all 2 entries…)
It's Easier Than You Think

Staying youthful means to live fully every day. Don’t waste time and energy on petty issues and negative people (that will definitely make you old and cranky). Unleash your inner child.

Laugh always (especially at yourself), learn something new, keep up with pop culture, and remember all the good times in the past. Remind yourself to keep creating hilarious new memories.

Always be goofy and spread the fun to everyone you meet. For more tips on Surviving Adulthood for the Kid at Heart, visit my blog. I’d love to chat with you -

Here’s a starter kit with tips on How to Stay Young and Be a Kid at Heart 4-ever!

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Getting Older – Yeah, It’s Like That…

Live Enthusiastically: Break Some Rules!


chuck82 much happier these days

That’s easy for you since you look so young! I checked out your website and in that one photo of you (I assume that’s you on the scooter saying 40 is the new 10), I could swear you’re a college girl. You are one beautiful woman :)

whahappen Can't wait for Spring, Summer & Fall :) Boo for Winter.

40 IS the new 10!

Well thanks Chuck! But notice, it’s not exactly a hi-def picture.

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!

(This comment was deleted.)

whahappen Can't wait for Spring, Summer & Fall :) Boo for Winter.


Glad to make you smile! :)

Morning Song is changing her life one thought at a time

Thanks for sharing the tips

I am looking forward to reading more of your blog posts. It’s all about staying young at heart.

whahappen has gotten 12 cheers on this entry.


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