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I finished one scarf several days ago and I started knitting a second one. I found out that I messed up on the 2×2 ribbing on the first scarf, but I got the hang of it on the second one I’m knitting. I really like the way 2×2 ribbing looks like. I’m planning to knit one more scarf after I’m done with the second one. I already know who I’m giving the scarves too and I can’t wait to give it to them! When I find out if someone else is coming to visit during the holidays, then I may end up knitting another scarf! It’s very exciting!!! I got some new knitting books and I love looking at other cool stuff to knit! I need to learn all those other knitting techniques though (increase, decrease, etc.).


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Thanks! I’ve been reading your knitting entries and it looks like you’re making quick progress. Good Luck!

Knitting books rule

You can just browse through them all night long, pondering what you’d like to learn how to make.


I love looking through my knitting books. I can spend many hours in the bookstore just looking through their knitting books too.

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