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I'm booked for April

I’ll be traveling solo; visiting the jungle, volcanoes, and the ocean on both coasts.



don’t forget the part about taking lots of photos for your 43T friends! Oh, this sounds so great

Taking lots of photos

(too many photos) is what I do. Even while hiking down the Zion Narrows last year I took lots of photos, my camera just stopped recording them when it melted inside.


It melted inside?! I’d hate to think what was happening to YOU inside at the time. Extreme photography, a whole new sport!

Inanimate objects break and stay broken

but people heal. I think the camera died due to multiple trips in the Southwest in high temperatures. The engineers at Canon in Japan might not have considered that some people voluntarily spend time in extremely hot places. (I also spent time up to my neck in the Colorado river at 37 degrees while my camera was a few feet a way on the bank in 120 degree heat).

Stephanie is Mr. Dobalena, Mr. Bob Dobalena...


I have always wanted to go to Costa Rica! I even used Costa Rica as a project in my Spanish class. We had to go on a 2 month vacation, and when I look at pictures.. I feel like I’ve already been there sometimes :P

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Glad you are back, Wyvern

Women who are quick at taking off their clothes: definitely a good thing :)

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