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Learn to argue without crying.
I've had

three such cases in the last two weeks. Not a tear, unless you count that my eyes did get watery… but they didn’t fall!


(This comment was deleted.)

I curled my toes in my

shoes a lot. It took a lot and was very, very draining. I kept thinking that I would not be defeated. Last time I cried at one of these meetings everyone went over board thinking I was weak.

They do not understand however, crying does not make one weak. But I’ve got to deal with them…

did I also mention I literally bit my tounge.

(This comment was deleted.)

Thank you Abby...

it is especially hard to do when one was a good friend at a time…

But I did do it. Partly due to pulling out Super B.

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nice job..! and ditto on abby713’s comment!

I would

not be defeated by brainless people! I’m better than that…

At least I kept telling myself that over and over. I did do two things, curled my toes in my shoes and literally bit my tounge…


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You cry?

Wow. I cry sometimes, but mostly I just get mad. Maybe it has to do with the fact that DH practically never pushes back, he just sits there and sort of acts like a silent, stoic victim. It infuriates me. I want a good head to head battle and then it’s over. But what I get never solves anything.It feels like I’m pulling the wings off a butterfly a lot.

If you actually solve something and you cry, so what?


Oh yeah...

I cry…

But no one can understand me when I’m blubbering… so I waited until after the meeting and cried…


what is it exactly that you are thinking that stops you from crying during an argument…..
i’ve tried a few things too, like telling myself not to, i find that just makes it worse. and if the other person says that why are you crying….then i just can’t stop!!!!

It's tough...

but I am a strong person, even if I do cry, I am still strong.

Too many people see crying as a sign of weakness, it isn’t, it is just how we deal with it.

But for them to preceive me as weak, I do not want that. As my points would not get across as they would have that perception and/or let sympathy get in the way of the points.

I just thought about their view point of me being weak and them winning. I did not let that happen. I would not let them win. It took time and a lot of practice, but I did it!

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