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Dress Better

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Dress better
What this "Dress better" goal means to me

My goal is to be more polished. My style is constantly evolving and I enjoy experimenting. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. And sometimes I don’t know that it is working unless another stylish someone lets me know. When I don’t think I look great seems to be the times when I receive validation that the look is working. Perhaps that’s what Nina Garcia means by “effortless.” Effortless is a theme that works for this goal. I am looking for that “Only You” moment of being able to tell a friend to pack anything from my warddrobe that doesn’t wrinkle and end up with great outfits for a spontaneous trip to Italy (or in my case to Paris). To get there, I would have to get rid of the clothes that no longer work in my evolving style. What remains would need to be in good condition. A significant area for improvement are my shoes. Shoes are where my style is weakest. And for polish, I need to get manicures and pedicures regularly, learn how to put on makeup, and maintain my hair professionally beyond once a year. I would add to this health areas like teeth, eyes, exercise, and better health maintenance. However, that can be a separate related goal.


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