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Lynise is BACK!

lose weight

since i have started becoming depressed i have gained about 30lbs… i am 5’10’’ with a lean build. however i weight close to 170lbs, which is considered normal in the books, but i feel too big. when i was in HS i weighed 145 and i want to get close to that number again. if if i were 155 i would be happy. I need to start doing something and soon.
my plans-
waking up in the morning and eating something very healthy.
—i tend not to eat in the morning because it makes me sick, i have been told that if i were to start eating in the morning that i would get used to it again here soon. I think i am going to start out with a glass of orange juice in the morning to see if i can build up my potential hunger for in the mornings.
—eat less fatening foods
—exercise in my room at least 30min a day..

i can do it…


I'm in the same boat

Hey, I’m 5’ 9” and 165ish (after the holidays). My doctor tells me my weight is normal and in the healthy range. However, I also feel way too uncomfortable in my body because I know how I felt when I was thinner! I used to be on cross country and ran religiously but working and commuting has sapped my energy.

Be strong!

yeah me too!

I am 5’10 and 163lbs, again, within the healthy weight range for my height but i feel uncomfortable in my own body. I have also noticed how tired I have become – and how much energy I lack.

I think a glass of oj in the morning is a good idea. maybe you could build up to a smoothie? no fat milk, berries or banana and a touch of low fat yogurt. If you do that you could add a bit of wheatgerm or metamucil for fiber and that would in fact be a healthy breakfast! Baby steps though.

Also if you can manage your half an hour excersize outside do that. Even if it means doing a ten min walk around the block then the rest in your room it will be beneficial to your depression too. I only say this as I have gone through a terrifying deep depression in my past and read as much as i could about the subject to help myself and as it turns out, letting your eyes see daylight produces endorphins. Or if you have a park close by do a lap around that every morning. Looking at nature gives even more endorphins :) good luck!

Lynise is BACK!

Thank you guys so much for the input..I am so glad to see that there are other people in my boat, i know that there is, but its nice to hear about how ppl my height and weight deal with losing a bit of weight.
as for the drinking a smoothie, im going to start out with OJ and work my way up because i get sick in the morning if i eat… weird i know.

Thanks so much guys. i will keep posting more updates when i get going next week

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