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i've realised something..

i’m ridiculously slow when it comes to reading fiction, yet when it comes to factual books on subjects that appeal to my interests- (e.g documentaries, politics, travelling, philosophy) i can read a 200 page book in 2 days. the same length fictional novel will take me WEEKS.
however, i’m studing english LITERATURE at uni. maybe this is telling me something?! either way, a degree in english lit is quite versatile for a future job (i think..i hope) so with a bit of luck i’ll make it through this degree and obtain good grades, then even if i never pick up another fictional novel again, at least i’ve read some of the ‘classics’ through my course, and it will give the impression i’m articulate..i do plan to read a few more fictional novels, and feel guilty that i read less than a lot of people who DON’t study english lit, but i’ve made my choice degree wise, and i’m capable of completing the course, therefore i plan to complete it to the best of my ability :D



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