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win the pch $10 million sweepstakes
10 million dollar superprize

I just want me and my daughter to have a good life. I also want to take care of my parents. It’s no fun struggling to make ends meet.


Hey there

my name is judith and the reason why i would like to win the 10 million is becuz i have gone through some hard times and would like to help out my family and give back what they’ve given to me..love..and understanding….

i was adopted and abandoned at birth youngest of the birthside..seven kids and second oldest on the adopted side..my older brother died this past may and i love and miss him…

in a finanical stress and would like to be out of that..with no worries either….

tired of trying to pay bills with SSI and SSD
and getting no where with life…

its a struggle here….

to roman catholic nuns found me in a shoe box…i was 12 inches long and 2 lbs in 1964…so i have been through alot…and would like some help!!!

thank you for your time..


I have been going on publishers clearing houses’ website since 2002 when I was told my job was going out of business. I have been keeping up with all of my superprize entry emails that I get everyday since November 11, 2006. That means that I have over 1500 or 1600 entries to date. You would figure since I been going at it that long, they would have at least sent me a t-shirt or something. Hell, at this point, I’ll even be glad to get a ink pen or notepad with the PCH logo on it. I have my own 13 digit customer service i.d. number that enters me into all of their on going contests. I call everyday without fail to enter. I also get superprize entries when I do internet searches on their PCH Search & Win and their Blingo search engines. I have even started to play the slot machine game on the website and from time to time I will even play Pchlotto. Occasionally, when I watch t.v. there will be a Pch commercial on t.v. . that at least lets me know that they recognize that someone from my area of the city is playing to win something. The only thing that I have ever actually won on the Pch search & win site was an $5.00 Amazon online gift card and that was in 2007 or 2008 and I have yet to spend it on anything, with my luck it’s probably already expired. I hear that it is a 1 in 1.75 billion chance of someone winnning the 10 million dollar superprize entry. Me being a almost 46 year old black woman from Jackson Mississippi, it’s probably a 1 in 100 billion chance for me. But still I enter everyday just for the thrill of it. Wouldn’t it be real cool if you could win that 10 million dollars in one lump sum and not have to pay any state for federal taxes on it. It’s fun to think about but we still have to live in the real world.

PEACE OUT!!!! POOKIEBABY1963 bigspenderc7@iwon.com

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