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build a cob house
I want to build a cob house...

I’m 15 and am thinking about being an architect when I’m older. I also want to build and live in a cob house when I am older. How would I build a cob house, how long will it take, where would I get the materials, how many peopleshould help me, how expensive is it to build ne, how big can you build one? any other info/tips would be great…


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Hope this helps...

The time it takes to build a cob house depends on the size. This spring, I plan on building a 9 by 6 foot cabin in my backyard (yes I am a small person :) ) You don’t really need many materials, just a foundation, which you can use rocks or even broken bits of concrete, which you can get delivered to your house for free. The walls don’t cost anything, unless you buy bags of sand for the cob mixture. You will need to buy straw or cut straw. Often you can offer to buy broken bales of straw but NOT ROTTED STRAW, this will weaken your walls. You can make a cob house all by yourself, or with as many friends as you want! You will also need to buy roofing, or you could thatch it with long straw. You may want to opt for natural insulation, like sheeps wool or straw bales.

If you wanted more information, check out these books.
They helped me a lot.

A cobbers companion A guide to building your own earthen home

Any books by Becky Bee

The hand-sculpted home

Hope this helped! But remember, I’m not a reliable source, so get information from professionals :)

Have fun!



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