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Our Dreaming Mind

Last night I finished Berlin (though I gather there’s a book II, called City of Smoke that I’d like to get my hands on now) and started another book on dreams. This one; Our Dreaming Mind, is by Robert Van de Castle, the former director of the Sleep and Dream Laboratory at the University of Virginia. It seems to be a very interesting read so far, and a decidedly different flavor than the previous dream book I mentioned. Excellent bedtime reading, especially considering my valiant attempts to jump start my own dream-life again.

Publishers Weekly review:
Inspirational imagery revealed in dreams to Muhammad, Gandhi, Descartes, Wagner, Handel, Coleridge, Yeats, Orson Welles, Elias Howe and many others has wrought significant changes in politics, science, art, music, film, literature and religion. Yet dreams have been devalued in Western culture, and one reason for this, suggests Van de Castle, is that Freud’s forging of strong links among dreams, neuroses and sex has thwarted a wider exploration of the full meaning of dreams.

Former director of the University of Virginia Medical School’s Sleep and Dream Laboratory, the author explores the dream theories of Freud, Jung, Montague Ullman, Fritz Perls and others. He surveys the importance of dream imagery in ancient and non-Western cultures and crams in a wealth of information on children’s dreams, recurrent dreams, nightmares, gender differences in dreaming and much else. This immensely readable resource is a monumental history of dreams and a practical stimulus for those who want to remember and work with their dreams. (Illustrated).


Stephmo Wants to get caught up on all sorts of things


Is in my short TBR pile – it’s due soon! :)

Sounds Great!

This book sounds great! I will add this to my reading list. Thank you for sharing!

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