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live off the grid
Self-Sufficient Lifestyle

I have spent the month or so doing different types of research on everything from digging my own water well, first aid, Hu-manure, gardening, solar power, wind turbine power, raising rabbits for food, food preparation, wildlife survival, seed and food storage, pretty much everything that I will need for a self-sufficient life. I hope to find land somewhere in the Southwest of the United States so I can start putting all this theory into work.
I keep thinking that it would be nice to have a small group people venture into something like this, but really have no ideal how to go about finding people that are willing to live this life style. Hopefully during the process of finding land and making the final step away from the grid I will find others that looking for the same type of lifestyle to help make the transition a little smoother. Maybe along the way we can come with more efficient ways to make living off the grid an easier process.


NorthernSkye having a quiet morning with the scents of jasmine throughout the house

It's a hard goal to be sure.

I am STILL trying to get off the grid…. I was on a small bit of solar for a time, but that is ove now:( Sp for the last 9 years Ihave been working at this goal, not the easiest or cheapest thing to pull off:( But I keep trying darnit!:) lol When I build my new place this spring/summer/fall – we are hoping to be mostly off. I need to set up a better rainwater collection system so I don’t have to have my water hauled in at such a costly price, we have a sawdust toilet already – just need to find an alternate source of power:)
Good luck with your endevour!

Good for u… I as well am taking steps to get to living simple n off grid. Been using sawdust toilet since January, cut down on shower water, now use only 5 gallons per shower compared to 20 to 30 gallons or more.
I bought land n will build a 20×20 cabin soon.
Will use rain water collection system n solar as much as my area is able to give.
Will use my humanure for my flowers n plan on starting a worm compost bin soon

NorthernSkye having a quiet morning with the scents of jasmine throughout the house


yes with our shower we have a water saver and that helps immensely! Granted we used to use less when we had no hot water… but my step dad got sick of it after a couple years and installed a new one for us;) It is nice not to have to boil water for everything and bathe in a stock tub all the time – as much as I enjoyed it! :)
We are building this summer (gods willing- this place is gonna fall down around our ears!) thinking about a 20X30 w/ half loft area. There is still 4 of us living here so it will be a little bigger than I’d like. We also have an eavetrough system that catches some of the water from the roof and filters it down to the cistern – not much, but anyting is better than nothing!
When are you hoping to build? and what kind of building are you doing?

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NorthernSkye having a quiet morning with the scents of jasmine throughout the house

oh yes;)

just so many projects that that one seems to be getting put off:(

Lynn is busy learning what it means to be an urban homesteader!

Very interesting topics. Don’t forget you can start implementing many of these things now instead of just dreaming about them. I’d love to be more self sufficient, but for now my reality is city living and I’m making the best of it with urban homesteading. Basically living my homestead dream where I am on a little smaller scale :)

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