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Free tix, passes, and cover

So, I won some free tix to a concert and went on my own. My friend, who I was planning on going with, had to cancel last minute for work. I’m happy that I went anyway. It was a latin jazz concert and it reminded me that I’m afraid to go to things by myself and I have a mild self-diagnosed case of social anxiety. I guess I had a blast, so it made it all worth it and will encourage me to do it again.

So, a friend of mine had free passes to a foreign movie. It was so worth it. I’m so happy that I went since the plans were so last minute.

Then, I topped the weekend off with a girls’ night out. It was fun. I met an interesting guy, who is probably too young for me, but it’s good that I’m meeting new people!

I’m happy that I’ve been saying yes more than no lately. As I mentioned before, it’s more likely that I’ll get asked to do more things if I say yes. I just have to make sure that I keep a balance in my life. I felt really good about this weekend since I had a mix of culture, party, friends, family & alone time. Now, I’ll spend the evening relaxing and remembering my goals / direction. LOL! :)


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