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i was about ten when i wrote my first rhyme.. over years Ive learnt how to work rhymes.. in a flat where i sat and search my mind for perfect lines.. dedicated to the next time.. and spilling it twice..
my real life ain’t nice.. i just pick up a pen.. see where I’m at in the game.. steadily.. the boy is ready.. already they know my name.. every line is a dart see me flowing the pain.. got no doe in the bank.. don’t give a f##k.. as long as i got flow in the tank..
you’ll never stop my rebel.. you’ll have to blow me with a tank.. ””f##k the world””..
if the world was a person.. we as a population would probably kill them.. ill innit.. fighting the world coz I’m still in it.. and Ive seen some ill roads with unique lyrics.. spat with some real thugs.. man Ive even used to sell drugs..
spit and leave.. slapping hands as i exit.. man s’##t i can tell you now its was hectic.. it felt good coz i was getting respect trying to get out of heel quick..
for the moment.. that moment when you on the mic.. looking over the crowds all i see is lights.. wow….. the crowds looking hype.. seems ill be allright.. go on to the next one.. my mum had a hexed son.. never flow my best ones.. done know its still perfection..

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