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Douxdel is not really doing much of anything

start a garden
I hard to start a garden when you live in an apartment

...I know you can rent/buy a plot at the local park or you can ask your landlord if you can start one on the land, but still…my landlord is a scary Greek man and I know I’m already breaking the lease in at least 3 different ways (what with the 2 extra roommates, the 4 birds, and the guinea pig).

I’ve decided that I’ll start mine when I get outta college and my fiance buys us a sweet little house somewhere. sighs I used to have a garden when I was younger at the house I grew up in. I remember sneaking into the garden whenever I saw my gran heading out there because she’d usually be carrying a salt shaker. We’d go through the garden, picking ripe tomatoes and strawberries and eating them fresh from the garden.

I can’t wait to start another one…



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