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DivineSublime All Will Be Well

Quit Smoking (read all 16 entries…)
Day 19

Yep, hanging in there. I have a lingering cough from a cold I had over new year, and I kind of wonder if it’s the poison leaving my lungs? I cough a fair bit, so my lungs feel congested.

Anyway, it’s okay. I’ve made it to day 19, and truth be told, I don’t miss smoking much. I occasionally am desperate for a cigarette, but it’s definitely in certain circumstances, and each time I do something without a cigarette, and make new habits, it’s absolutely fine.

Benefits so far? Hmmm.

• Money – have saved money for sure
• Smell – I love the fact that my flat smells of roses and whatever oil I have been burning, no cigarette smell in sight (whiff)
• Pride – I feel good about myself for having done this, it’s a definite ego-boost, a sense of achieving something that I set my mind to
• Freedom – I don’t have to check my cigarette pack before coming home to see that I have ‘enough’; I don’t have to be a prisoner to the little white sticks of death. I do like that, I really do

The other thing I’ve been doing is looking at people who are smoking. This isn’t nice of me, but the majority of them look old – they look lined and it looks like they don’t care about themselves. No one, but no one, looks glamorous dragging on a cigarette as they walk along the streets. It’s not a good look most of the time. I am not going to look like Audrey Hepburn smoking, I am going to look like someone who’s had a hard life and has given up on herself.

So definitely hanging in there. I want to make it to three weeks – truth be told, I’m kind of surprised at myself for doing this with such determination!


Deskdude I want to start over, but not lose all my stuff. lol


You are doing SO well! Hang in there! Thanks for the reminders about the benefits. :)

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