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endofmay feeling finaciful

decorate my apartment (read all 8 entries…)
week threeeee

I feel this was a very productive week.

• I finished my kitchen and entryway…. they are still not quite perfection, but the loose ends will be tied up along the way. For now, they are far more fun/functional than before.

• I’ve continued to get rid of magazines, books, cds and dvds. This is a major project, and one of the most cleansing for me.

• I also (finally!!) finished the curtains. This is something that I have been putting off for a very long time, and it has made an enormous difference. They definitely elevate my apartment to the next level – it looks less ad hoc, more finished.

As I go on to next week, I will continue to declutter, focusing on the living space. I suspect I won’t have to buy anything else (maybe a lamp shade and fabric for a table cloth… also still considering paint). But, I’m really mostly focusing on getting rid of stuff and reworking things to make them more useful (budget is happy right now!).


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