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mischadoll is accomplishing nothing


I hate smoking.
I hate the smell.
I’m sick constantly, and it takes me so long to recover.
I have breathing problems and a constant cough.
Ive been smoking for 5 years and can only remember having gone just 5 consecutive days without smoking since then.
Its a constant mental struggle to not light one up.
I don’t know how to kick this awful habit.
Any suggestions?


just look in the future

You can kick this nasty habit! take a good look in the mirror and look at how beautiful you are, now imagine smoking for 20 years or even 20 minutes, I smoke and I have for a very long time. My lungs are polluted and I am an addict, I have to have smokes or else look out. It makes your skin unhealthy and your breath short. You kill cells and it is so bad for you. Take it from me QUIT, cold turkey. You know what wil work is Carrots! I quit once and this is how I did it… I would finely slice carrots every night, all day when I had the urge to have a smoke, I had a carrott stick instead, it worked and I did quit, but I staRTED AGAIN, FOOLISH CHOICE.hAVE A LOOK AT HER, DO YOU THINK SHE SMOKES? nOT.

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