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What Is A 3.0 Gpa

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get at least a 3.0 GPA this term (read all 7 entries…)
i really don't know

what would it be… 5 of my exams has been explained and now my gpa is 3.50,but you know it will change by the unread exams :(



that’s something!

believe me! congrats!!

My GPA looks like 1.92 right now, but I’ve got one more exam that I didn’t learn yet, when I learn that it will hopefully become sth like 2.5 :D

but... :)

thank you but,bad news come early:) my gpa is now 2.95 and im so sad.my microeconomics exam reduced my gpa i think :(
nothing to do…im faltering about entering the make up exam of this lesson to increase my gpa ?


a 2.5 gpa is not bad for a metu student i think

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