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stumbling block...i cant find the right (write?) journal ...!

Sounds petty i know….but such things are important to me. I’d been receiving a yearly personalized “appointment” book thru a mail order subscription. However, somehow i didnt renew my order last year, (er sumthin’) or the order just didnt get processed…..usually i’ve received the next years book by early december…

So i’d been looking around thru Office Depo, Staples, and misc stationary stores for something suitable. Unfortunately, theyre either of the std, generic appointment book variety (not specific to any one year), or theyre monthly / weekly type planners. I’m looking for a day by day, specific to 2009 journal / diary…

My feeling is: if there is a specific designation to each day…i can see where i lapsed, and how consistently i’m keeping up with this goal.

Of course, now that its Feb 6th, and i have yet to START on this goal,,,,,well…thats pretty unprodictive too, eh?

(sigh) My perfectionism vs. procrastination at war once again…


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you are not alone in this. It is VERY important to have the EXACT right one in my world too! : ) Good luck!

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