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sparkleman Was here for 5 minutes, but has gone again - or has he...?

relaxed focus (read all 11 entries…)
It's cool

I’m just doing it. And I’ve got no urge to write about it :-) Perhaps I would add another word to it somehow – something about positive attitude, but then it would lose its power as a phrase for me.

Unless what I mean is “relaxed positivity”? Because positivity has direction to it? Maybe?


raincheck been off 43T for 6+ months - bad bad girl! :o)

Good suggestion

but I’d keep the directionality open, so to speak, and stick to “relaxed focus”.
Positivity is the effect that comes from it, I guess.

infiniteissabella imagine faith

the word focus

has called to me as well, but you are right , it is much more than that. mindfullness perhaps, lets see
“relaxed mindlefullness”

sparkleman Was here for 5 minutes, but has gone again - or has he...?


Is another part of it, I hadn’t thought of that word for it though – thanks!

Positive relaxed mindful receptiveness? :-)

Positive receptiveness is actually pretty good, the yin and the yang… being ready to be active when the idea comes, but being willing to wait for it patiently…

infiniteissabella imagine faith


that feels pretty good

I like this idea of defining attitude, seems like when I get it right  pieces fall into place easily. I am also looking for a way to describe   an ability to pursue my dreams more gracefully, tenderly perhaps (mostly trying to eliminate the stress and  forcefulness that can end in burnout) I am willing to put in the effort, I think the buddists have that term "right effort"  maybe that's it.

sparkleman Was here for 5 minutes, but has gone again - or has he...?

You burnout

I paralyse myself and do nothing! But I am getting much better at not getting in my own way.

Right effort… I think that is accurate, but because I’m not that familiar with Buddhism it doesn’t give me the anchor I’m after. I guess I want to see a phrase and think – ah yes, don’t push, let it come, prepare, make something with the inner materials I churn up.

This is probably a case in point :-) I’m going to let it sit a little longer!

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