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eat healthier
Not quite.

I go to the college that holds the title of 3rd best college food in the nation. Not great for healthful eating, however. I thought the freshmen 15 was always from alcohol. Well, I don’t drink, so HA, I figured I was exempt. No. I was wrong. I packed on the 15 before the end of first semester. This made me realize that I am eating less than healthfully. Is it my fault they have a sparkling array of desserts at all times of the day? No. Is it my fault for eating them? Hardly. I call it dessert propaganda. I need to start taking this healthy eating thing seriously. I will cry if I’m forced to move up a pant size. And come summertime, others will cry with the thought of me trying on swimsuits and modelling them for my friends in Macy’s.



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