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Never give up seeing good in the world
Life is a Harsh, Cruel and Unkind..............

Above thoughts by Rhiannon Miller, a 12 year old girl just months before her accidental death..

I Came across this piece online five days back and it has stuck with me since.. like a punch to gut…a stark realization….an ominous omen of things to come….Merely stating that I was deeply moved would be an understatement!!

Yes, this optimistic prose left a mark on me and I have been contemplating the realities of life these last few days… And then just yesterday another heartbreaking tragedy closer to home…

I was made aware that one of our neighbors down the street had lost his wife in a horrendous highway accident.. A loving mother of 3, she was returning home from work to be with her beloved family when she met her tragic end..Life is strange that way

Just got back from the funeral now.. It was jam packed there and the somber mood overwhelmed me. As it happened the two sons that she left behind were sitting in the next row over(They bawled their eyes out throught the session as I watched them stare into an empty abyss) I was barely able to keep my composure till the end and as things finished up there I reached out to the youngest son and whimpered “I am so so so sorry for your loss!!” as I shook his hand he leaned over and broke down on my shoulder.. “why her!! WHY????”...Life is strange that way

I returned home in a very unsettled state this evening and decided to step out for a long walk just to clear my head …... There was a dry howl in the air as the bone-shaking temperature chilled my inner soul….It started to snow and my cheeks were numb and my tears simply froze..My walk lasted a lot longer then expected on this night as I crossed onto paths less known, roads unfamiliar and territories undiscovered before…. I pondered our finite existence and struggled to find a just explanation for why “these” things happen..Life is strange that way

Indeed, Life is harsh and unforgiving … Life is cruel and unfair…an uncompromising tragedy ultimately…..

My eyes are raging red as I write this now…Yet why is it that after all that I have observed and witnessed recently, I can only scream “LIFE IS MAGNIFICENT!!!!!”

LIVE YOUR LIFE fully and do cherish your precious time. You don’t know how good you’ve got it till its all gone…...........

Do not loose HOPE under any circumstances and “WILL” you way onwards….....

(2/19/2009) marks six years since Rhiannon passed away….
See more about her>

I know there are tragedies unfolding around the world everyday but something about this last week has shaken me to the very core (just the kick that I had been hoping/praying for..)

Life is strange that way

Good Night World!


thirstygirl has to become productive in 2012.

Rhiannon's profound wisdom

Sad that it often takes a tragedy for us to realize that life is a gift but it’s true. You’re right, life is unfair and ugly and messy and cruel but it’s also precious and full of hope and passion and learning and love and second chances and laughter and a lot of other really great things. Like Rhiannon wrote: ”...there is much out in the world for you, and all you have to do, is find it.”

Thank you for sharing this. I agree with thirstygirl; it does too often take a tragedy for us to appreciate life and attempt to live it to the fullest.

Thank U Ragazzaraffinata

btw I was very sorry to hear about your grandmothers passing

that “List 43 memories of my Grandma” post was quite beautiful… it almost felt as if i “knew” her



I think one of the things that we aren't

taught in life is how to grieve properly, or that grief is part of life and that it’s okay. Life is full of all sorts of connections, disconnections, meetings, and losses. I wish we all were given more permission to grieve our losses fully. Grief is a dramatic thing, and should be. There is so much sadness in life, and on the other side of it, like you wrote, Aleem, magnificence.


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thanks for the lovely note Lisa

indeed…”Life is full of all sorts of connections, disconnections, meetings, and losses.”

but we must march onwards….

Now you get to work on your “Best Month Ever: March 2009” goal en route to “Make 2009 My Best Year Yet” ya hear….........


P.S. 123 cheers…wowzers, that has got to be some kind of a record!!!!!!!!!

go go go…give give give..spend those cheers like there’s no tomorrow before they all magically disappear!!!

oh can I borrow about 50 or so :)

cheers dear

Here's one.:)

I have no idea how that happened! I’ve never had more than 26 before, and usually I have about 12 or 14. Lord knows how the cheer fairy works.


Meh… aren’t we stingy today!!! lol

ok ok i’ll just take a raincheck on the other 49…......


flowergirlresumed So long, Farewell... Too sad

Thank you for posting this Aleem

thank you so much for the reminder that the strangeness of life can be just what is needed to see more clearly… Take good care of yourself!

thank u my dear gal

u always know just what to say to make my day…...

indeed life is way too short….SO live it up while you are here…..... :P

RE: “your urge to travel to Italy..”

Great destination…was there for 2 weeks a few years back…. loved every minute of it!!!!!!!


flowergirlresumed So long, Farewell... Too sad

You are

always nice to me, Thank You… :)

No, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


flowergirlresumed So long, Farewell... Too sad


You are… !!! he he!!!1

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