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We got to Kalahari today! It’s so nice to be out of Rockford. Away from the schedule. It’s also nice to know that I don’t have the schedule tomorrow or the day after.

Anyway….I tried the Flowrider for the first time today. It was actually kinda hard at first to get the hang of it. I mean getting the hang of positioning yourself and moving around and all that. But it’s pretty awesome now. We didn’t get to try surfing today. They opened it to surfing at 7:00 but we had a service at 6 until 10 so we missed it today. But a few of us are watching all 3 LOTR extended editions tonight so we’ll be up early haha. I guess they let people surf in the morning before it gets busy.

They had a surfing demonstration that we watched. It was pretty sick. It’s definitely not real surfing so I think even if I do accomplish it here, I can’t check this off the list. The boards are really short, a little shorter than snowboards. And of course the environment is a little different. This will probably be more similar to wakeboarding than surfing. I’ve gone wakeboarding once. It was pretty easy I guess. Hopefully I’ll get my chance to try this out tomorrow.



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