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Kenophobia is starting fresh in 2009

become ambidextrous (read all 2 entries…)
Just Started

I really want to be able to do things equally well with both hands, although mostly I just want to be able to write with both, and I finally made a start on this goal today after having it on my list for two months. (There’s a reason stop procrastinating is my main goal).

Anyway, I decided to practise by going through a book of Uni notes from last semester. I left a lot of blank pages in odd places, so I started on the earliest blank page and copied down whatever happened to be on the page next to it. This way I get to practise and refresh my memory about all the stuff I did last semester at the same time.

Holding the pen in my left hand felt very awkward. Both of the pages I copied look like a complete mess, but it’s not like I was expecting miracles on my first try. Hopefully I can keep practising and start seeing some improvement as the weeks go by.



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