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NalaMom Ready to GO RAW!!!!

master cleanse (read all 41 entries…)
Day 2 of OJ

This OJ still tastes heavenly. LOL

I don’t want to post about food on here because I don’t want to torture the rest of you. And right now, that’s all that’s consuming my waking hours is the thought of food. LOL

Please know that you all are doing awesome and you will have such a feeling of accomplishment when you’re done. You will feel like you can do ANYTHING!!!!!



Perfectioness DONZO with the Master Cleanse!!

Good job!

I can’t believe by the end of this you will have not eaten for 22! Crazy!

I started my day with some OJ and then about 45 minutes later I had a banana. I have a low heart rate naturally and I could feel my heart working too hard (I know that sounds weird) so I firgured I needed the calroies. But, I’m on to raw food so I’m staying healthy!

Good luck with your day!

NalaMom Ready to GO RAW!!!!

I lasted til about 1 p

Then I had some of the potato chips I made in the dehydrator last night. I went from there to some flax crackers and a HUGE salad for dinner. My stomach is fine. So I guess I was ready to make the transition. :)

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