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I did

some more work on the lighthouse painting tonight, and am now trying to decide whether to call it a day, or keep “improving” it and running the risk of screwing it up.

Painting is so therapeutic. :)


It is such

a hard call, isn’t it? I think I am more terrified of continuing on… and making it “muddy” when I should just stop a while and observe. When I do the later, the painting tells me what it needs!


I can’t tell you how much I value your input, Steph.

I had kind of decided to just keep looking at it now and then for the next week or so to gain some perspective, and your statement “the painting tells me what it needs” is just such a good way to put it!


thanks! We all inspire and contribute views to each other here. Good luck on the Lighthouse. I remember it and how I felt drawn to your placement of space and color.

Your entry reminds that the portrait I am painting has to be worked on again. It’s time. (... and has been sitting in the family room, talking to me for months!)


a portrait sounds like a challenge. But I’m sure it will turn out great – have fun! and post pics :)


Will do! You do the same, okay?

here ‘tis, thus far. but shhhh… it’s a secret for Turandot!

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