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read good japanese literature
Need some help!

I don’t know much about japanese lirerature, but if you have some suggestion what I should read, please let me know! I am mostly interested in modern literature!


RuthG lives.

Do you read Japanese?

If so, I’m impressed! I read only in English translation. I’m not any kind of expert, but I have loved a couple of Shusako Endo novels I have read: The Samurai & The Sea & Poison. Very, very powerful.

Thanks Ruth!

I have to disappoint you, I am only at the beginning of a long journey, so I don’t know much Japanese. I just want to get to know the culture better while learning the language.

Thanks a lot for recommending a book, I will read it!

RuthG lives.

You're welcome

They are actually two books:
  • The Samurai
  • The Sea & Poison

Just one piece of advice: Don’t read The Sea & Poison close to any time you are going to have any surgery or medical procedure. You’ll see why as you get into the book. :) I’m smiling because it brings back a funny memory, but actually it’s a very sobering novel-not a “light read.”

Your idea is great. Years ago when South Africa was still under the apartheid system, I wanted to know/understand more about that country, so for two or three years I dedicated myself to reading novels (& a few nonfiction books) by authors from that country. What a window on the society & its history! If I ever get to actually visit South Africa, I’m sure it will feel almost familiar—it got inside me through stories.

Happy reading of Japanese stories!

One more question

Can you tell me the writer’s name? It will be difficult to find it without that. Since I am Hungarian I would prefer to read it in Hungarian, but I am not sure whether I can find these books here.

RuthG lives.


See above: the writer is Shusaku Endo. He is a very famous novelist, so I expect you may be able to find his works translated into Hungarian. Let me know, OK?

azukibean is trying to work hard

I suggest anything by Banana Yoshimoto, especially Amrita. She also has many short stories and novels which are all very touching. Also, Takashi Murakami is very fun to read.

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