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activelazypup wants another fix of live music

Quit Smoking (read all 28 entries…)
Now is the time to quit.....

Cigarettes just went up by 63 cents a pack yesterday. I cannot justify paying that much for something that will kill me eventually. Time to go hard-core and do it cold turkey! It won’t be easy. But I MUST! Wish me luck!


activelazypup wants another fix of live music

major setback...

I sit here with a fag smoking in the ashtray. How is it that a substance can take such hold on a body?
I go to the store and I write a check for $13.42 for three packs of smokes that will last me for three days. It isn’t that I smoke the majority of them, it’s that they sit in the ashtray and burn away to nothing. That is crazy! Irrational! STUPID!

I’m still working on this….

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