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So here he is.

Please don’t be disappointed that I will not post 1.000 pics on public sites as 43T, as my son also has a right to his privacy. We are happy that Torin is doing well. He was born 4 weeks premature and is currently still in the neonatology ward at the hospital, but no longer in an incubator. He is still a bit weak and drowsy, he’s got jaundice and does not breastfeed yet (hence the tube through which he is fed if he can’t finish his bottle), but with a little patience we will also achieve this and hope to bring him home, soon!


Absnasm is mostly elsewhere.


Well done you! Thanks so much for posting it. I’m so glad to hear that you and Torin are doing well.

calypte excited about 2014!


and your avatar is just beautiful :)

Harijan Romantic Self-Knowing Believer


he doesn’t look like an alien, lol! especially premie babies, they come out looking a bit… extraterrestrial. hahaha, Torin is BEAUTIFUL. not many people get a beautiful baby off the bat! my cousin just gave birth in january and she gave birth to a furry eddy munster, hahaha!
he’s absolutely stunning! can’t wait till you can take him home. if you plan on breastfeeding, make sure you keep on pumping and store extras in the freezer. its nice having a bottle handy in case you need some self-time. you can hand the baby off to daddy with a bottle and go get a massage or something :D
congratulations, again!!!!!


hope you get to take him home soon.


JadedForever "Lift up your head princess, if not the crown falls"

Aww -

Torin is so cute!

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