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hands under table

just wanted to
pick and poke
and not hold
after I said
wildly inappropriate
things to get
you wildly tumescent.

Raising the
eyebrows at me
as you
worked diligently
made me wild.
I didn’t mean to surprise you
with the news;
it just happened.
Furthering any
morning after
intensity has stalled—
and good thing because
I might have
undone me
resultantly undone you.
Discretion is the
key to

I’ve cleaned up
that mess before
so I know to not
make one again.
If you can keep
emotions insofar
enough to like
touching my jutting
collarbone and
not whine when I
have to
up and leave you
then I’ll know
we can be alone together,
touching or not,
but at least


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