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stop procrastinating (read all 4 entries…)

I’ve been doing a terrible job at not procrastinating. This week was week 4 out of 10 and things aren’t too pressing yet so I’m feeling relaxed(if not lazy). I didn’t complete a paper for my senior seminar class, I didn’t make a cardboard maquette for welding(which turned out wasn’t due) and I forgot to print out a paper for business practices.

I was feeling rather stressed Tuesday. It’s been a while since I’ve had to write papers for more than one class and, as my boyfriend pointed out, I’m procrastinating on stuff I used to procrastinate on before. Up til now I’ve been doing art classes and all the stuff I do is sculpture or painting(stuff I enjoy); no papers to write really. I had forgotten what it’s like to really procrastinate. The stress is awful.

I will keep my to do lists full and up to date so that I can check off as I complete. Checking things off is so satisfying, don’t know why I avoid doing my homework and miss out on checking stuff off…



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