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pay off my credit card
I always said I wouldn't have credit card debt...

...but now I have about $3700 to pay off. At the time I used the card it wasn’t a problem. I had a well paying job and a fiance splitting the bills with me. First I lost the fiance, then I lost the job. Unemployment pays me just enough to pay all my bills except for the credit card.
I don’t go to the movies, I don’t go out to eat, I haven’t even bought new clothes in months. I’ve had to be creative in finding ways just to make the minimum monthly payment. I’ve actually paid off about $1000 with my tax refund. I have $200 set aside for this month’s payment which should take it down to $3500.
My goal is to find a full time job in April, and possibly a part time job as well. Unfortunately I live in a state where the unemployment rate is quite high, but I’ll be trying my best. All I can do is that.


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