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DoctorTeeth is back in business.

find someone to trade mix CDs with - and then do it! (read all 3 entries…)
If Only We Still Had Mixtapes

I used to make mixtapes all the time back in high school: lovingly hand-bastardized covers using cutouts from magazines and comic books, with overly-clever side names and a bizarre mishmash of songs and spoken word snippets. When I got a CD burner I made mix CDs too, but not as often: they just weren’t the same as the mixtapes. That being said, it’s been a while since I let my inner dj loose and run rampant over my music collection – I think this should be fun!


I'll make a mix tape for you!

That takes me to back in the day – I might even illustrate with a biro!

DoctorTeeth is back in business.


I really doubt you’re still around and/or willing, but if you are, send me a message and we can set something up!

Ive got a couple I can mail out

I really love making mixes, so if you ever feel the urge to trade, let me know and I’ll see if I can come up with something you might like.

DoctorTeeth is back in business.


...I still owe one person a mix CD, but if you want to get in on this procrastination project as well, I can get on board. Maybe needing to get two out will increase my motivation. Send me a message, if you’re interested.

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