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Today is the day

Today we record our live album! Lot’s of set-up today. We ran all the lines yesterday (both snakes and 16 channels) Also EQed the room yesterday. Today we need place all the mics and do a full run-through an test the recording.
I’m super pumped to run live sound tonight because every instrument is completely isolated so there’s literally no stage-noise. So I got my work cut out for me making it sounds great.

So after tonight, post-production begins! My friend Andrew Justus is going to be doing almost all the post stuff but ill be sittin in with him as much as I can. Logic is really a simple program. People said the new interface is hard to learn but its really not. If you just memorize the shortcuts its super easy! Maybe because I’ve worked with FLstudio before it seems easier. FruityLoops was super confusing at first but a friend helped me find my way around that and now I love it. I actually hate GarageBand because FL is so awesome! I’m thinking I want to find a copy of windows to run on my Mac so I can have it on here. I would definitely make more music then.
I’m also thinking of trying to get a summer job being an engineers assistant at a local recording studio. I’d love to get into studio recording more and eventually invest in enough equipment to be able to do it myself.

So alot of great opportunities have come my way. The Lord is great.





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