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Mrs. K

An older lady friend of mine has recently became ill and housebound. This morning after sending my kids off to school, I made her and her husband a full southern breakfast and delivered it to them. She got tears in her eyes when she saw the loaf of homemade banana nut bread and told me she hadn’t been able to make bread in months and banana bread was her favorite. I think I’ll be visiting & baking for Mrs. K alot more often, she’s a wonderful lady!


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You Rock Mrs.K

That was really nice of you!!!


I get tears in my eyes when someone brings me a cup of tea in bed. Imagine what a mess I would be in if someone brought the breakfast you made that woman. It was a lovely idea and I like your goal. Keep going with it.

I saw the movie, thought it lovely. I do only tiny things for others, would like to do more but those of us who have almost nothing are so bogged down in our own difficulties that its hard to do it.

But believe it or not, I contributed to the cause of a fellow cyclist who actually had more in the bank than me but who thinks he can go around the world on $5 per day. What a nut. I can’t get over his goal but good luck to him. He plans to do this for eight!!! years. Not that I contributed much but i made his dinner taste a little better by offering him some olive oil and parmesan cheese and black pepper from my own simple rations. Not much at all but I am certain his dinner was considerably improved. Until that point it was purely pasta and tuna in brine. And this guy has a university education. But that’s youth for you. I was the same.

Have a good day.

Tiny things

go a long, long way especially for the recipient. I’m sure he was most grateful for your contribution toward his cause and will remember your kind deed for years to come.

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